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Sync your Google Calendar with LearnBoost’s online gradebook

Meredith // February 6th 2012 // 

Google Calendar sync with gradebookIf you didn’t catch our lesson plan product release last week, take a gander at the new embedding features! You can now upload and stream unlimited media files, like videos, podcasts, images, and almost anything else your heart desires right within your lesson plans!

Today, we’re announcing another hot new feature, Google Calendar sync! The calendar integration is a little bit different for our teachers, admins, Google Apps schools, parents, and students, so read on to find out how you can sync your Google Calendars with LearnBoost‘s gradebook, lesson planning, attendance, and reporting tools.

Syncing Google Calendars with LearnBoost

If you’re a teacher at a Google Apps for Education school, skip this and take notice of the next section. For all our admins, non Google-Apps teachers, parents, and students you can integrate your Google Calendars with a few easy steps. Once you’re in your calendar, just click Settings then “Google Integration.” You’ll be guided through the integration process with some helpful pop-up windows, and within minutes, you’ll see all of your Google Calendars in LearnBoost. Simply hide any that you don’t want displayed! Here’s a quick video to get you started:

For more info and step-by-step instructions on how to integrate your Google Calendars, don’t forget to check out our Help Center.

Teachers at Google Apps for Education Schools

If an administrator at your school has added LearnBoost through the Google Apps Marketplace (i.e. if you have a Google account and can find LearnBoost in the Universal Navigation Bar), then teachers’ Google Calendars will automatically sync with their LearnBoost calendar! Once teachers sign in, LearnBoost will fetch Google Calendars. If something doesn’t look quite right, just refresh the sync and LearnBoost will pull up the most current Google Calendars. At the moment, we’ve disabled Google Apps Admin calendar sync due to a few techie things that have to do with the way permissions are set, but we’re working hard to make sure that Google Apps admins can integrate their Google Calendars as well!

Extra details

We’ve taken steps to ensure the most secure, streamlined integration, and thus we’ve gone ahead and perfected the one-way sync. For this reason, you’ll notice that all Google Calendar events in LearnBoost are “read-only,” but they’ll still pull through and display on your dashboard and help you keep organized!

Within LearnBoost, teachers can share class calendars with parents and students. If you’d like to share Google Calendars with parents and students, we recommend you send them the XML share code from your Google Calendars settings. Since Google Calendars aren’t affiliated with classes in LearnBoost, they won’t be shared.

If you have any questions, always feel free to send them to the LearnBoost team at, and we’ll be sure to help you get the most out of the new Google Calendar sync feature!

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