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It’s that time of year – Edublog Awards!

Meredith // December 1st 2011 // ,

Edublog Awards 2011Think that the LearnBoost blog is the only great reading out there? We’re highlighting some other outstanding education technology resources today to add to your blog rolls! To support our buddies over at Edublogs, we’d like to nominate a few of our faves for the 2011 Edublog Awards.

Compiling this list was almost too difficult, for the amazing education thought leaders out there are so numerous and different. We went with some tried and true contributors, and also left off some of the regulars like Richard Byrne, Vicki Davis, Kelly Walsh, Wesley Fryer, Steven Anderson, Larry Ferlazzo, and countless others because we knew they’d be nominated. We love the support and enthusiasm in the education ecosystem, and we’re excited about how all of the following people and organizations are transforming education!

And the Nominations Are…

Best individual blog. Hack Education. How do we count the ways? Audrey Watters can be found in almost all the influential education technology journalism, from Mind/Shift to The Huffington Post. Her personal blog, Hack Education, has always been a stronghold for serious assessment of new technologies and industry trends. She doesn’t shy away from critiquing “hot trends” or buzzworthy news, and her honesty and brilliance shines through to shed a lot of light on the world of edtech.

Best individual tweeter. Nathan Ketsdever, @DCmusicfusion. Nathan brings a new educational awareness to non-teachers through his knack for engaging people across social media platforms. We follow his Tweets for quick notes and neat resources, but you can also find him offering profound insights on Quora and in his blog, Compassion in Politics.

Best group blog. Edutopia. From Suzie Boss’s Project-Based Learning reviews to Milton Chen’s Education Innovation articles, Edutopia is home of diverse and informative blogs. Drawing from a host of professional education journalists and leaders, Edutopia is a centralized resource for blogs, ideas, standards, professional development, and more!

Best new blog. Broken Airplane. Started mid 2010, Broken Airplane has steadily become a go-to blog for finding the best of the best in education technology implementation. From pedagogy to practical use, Phil Wagner shares only the most well-researched, helpful tools and tricks.

Best class blog. dy/dan. In his blog, math teacher Dan Meyer, opens up some of the wonders of the principles he teaches to the rest of the world. Get inspired by his use of media, infographics, and video to engage your students while teaching super complex concepts.

Best student blog. Miriam’s Magical Moments.Written largely by a bright 4th grader with a knack for articulating the ins and outs of school life, this young blogger even has Edublog Awards nominations up for this year!

Best ed tech / resource sharing blog. Educational Technology Guy. You might have Richard Byrne the illustrious high school teacher pinned for this one, but physics teacher David Andrade brings a sciencey spin to practical applications for all teachers. He focuses on integrating relevant and useful tech in the classroom to make teachers’ lives easier, and has some great ways to use non-education apps to enhance learning.

Most influential blog post. Guy Claxton: What’s the point of school? by Ewan McIntosh. Yes, this post is largely based off Guy Claxton’s book, but through this descriptive post, Ewan touches the most poignant issues in the book while adding profound commentary as well. If nothing else, this article should be food for thought in getting you to assess teaching and education!

Best teacher blog. Stump The Teacher. So many to choose from on this one, but we’ve been loving Josh Stumpenhorst’s Stump The Teacher lately. With thoughtful reflections on teaching practice, resources, and the education system at large, Josh brings the world of teachers to life.

Best librarian / library blog. Library Media Specialist Help Desk . Take a walk in the life of an elementary school librarian with great reading themes, learning experiences, teaching ideas and more!

Best School Administrator blog. Principal’s Post. Rabbi Akevy Greenblatt is a long-time educator and school leader. In his blog, he addresses real issues that principals face in juggling everything from staffing to assessment.

Best free web tool. Google Apps for Education. There’s no doubt in our minds that great technology can save schools money, time, and headaches. We love Google Apps for Education as a comprehensive suite that brings great tech to schools for free!

Best educational use of audio / video / visual / podcast. Shift Happens. Some of the edu space favorites including Scott McLeod and Karl Fisch contribute to the creation of the Shift Happens video collection.

Best educational wiki. edcamp. If you haven’t had a chance to check out or get involved with a local edcamp event, you’re really missing out! Take a gander at their wiki to see when some great education thinkers will be in your area.

Best open PD / unconference / webinar series. TEDx. There’s no denying that TED is an organization that has inspired us all by drawing talented, innovated thinkers from around the world. TEDx events bring the power of TED to communities everywhere, and if you haven’t had a chance to check out a local TEDx education event, make sure they’re on your radar going forward.

Best educational use of a social network. Teaching Resources. Laura Candler is like an education magician when it comes to utilizing social media to engage educators and engaging the community in discussions on best practices.

Lifetime achievement. Rob Reich. Though you’ll see Professor Reich’s work in renowned education journals and publications like the New York Times, you likely won’t catch him inundating your Twitter feed. Reich has committed his research and work to studying education political theory and the nuances of ethics in the edu space. If you’re not familiar with his work, get on board today.

If you wish you had been nominated but we didn’t quite get to you this time around, send us a note at to get the conversation going and see how we can advocate for your undoubtedly awesome services. We want educators and students to have the best tools out there in their quests to realize student achievement!

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