Free Online Tools for Elementary Teachers

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LearnBoost is a suite of free classroom management apps that offers elementary school teachers powerful classroom software for monitoring academic achievement, creating and sharing lesson plans, tracking attendance, analyzing student progress, adding narrative reporting and so much more.

Free lesson planner and gradebookLearnBoost’s free, powerful apps are beautiful and easy-to-use, which means all your classroom administration can be simple and fun. From the customizable gradebook to the multimedia lesson planner, LearnBoost supports amazing educators who teach amazing kids!
  • Easy Gradebook – Simply add assignments, tag standards, and input student grades to see scores and report cards update immediately.
  • Multimedia Lesson Plans – Use our amazingly robust lesson planner to create plans, search standards, add rich media, and voilà! All plans are shareable through your blog, email, or even social media accounts.
  • Share with Parents – Easily keep parents in the loop by granting them access to report cards, course calendars, and class policies. You are fully in control of what parents see.
  • Report Cards – LearnBoost automatically compiles grades, attendence and behavior information into report cards with stunning, easy-to-interpret charts.
  • Comment on Student Growth – We know student growth is seen in much more than grades, so we provide a comments section on each student report card.
  • Monitor Behavior – Use our beautiful seating chart to not only track attendance, but also behavior progress and violations.

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