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Admins, set the grade scale for your whole school!

Meredith // March 7th 2012 // 

Hot off the press! Administrators on LearnBoost can set school-wide defaults to make classroom setup a breeze for their teachers, including custom course subjects, learning standards, and school sessions. Now, admins can customize and set the default grading scale for their school as well!

Administrator set default school grade scale

How to set school-wide grade scales

On your admin dashboard, click the Manage tab, then head to the Grading section. Edit the percentages and grade that you wish to generate. This can be a standard A-F scale, or it can be customized to display numerals or even words like “Progressing,” and “Mastery.”

Set custom grade scale 1-4 scores

The custom grade-scale is for schools who wish to generate custom grades based on assignment scores. Don’t worry if you use percentages or wish to let teachers enter in scores manually – these are still options at the teacher level. Take a gander at our helpful overview and brief video on setting grade scales for a more in-depth look at the various ways to generate grades.

How the Grading section works

Essentially, with the new grade scale feature, admins can change the default grade scale for their entire school. Admins can allow teachers to edit grade scales or lock the default scale so that every class is using the master scale.

Lock default grading scale

If an admin changes the default grade scale, all historical classrooms will maintain their existing grade scales – so have no fear if any teachers at your school have set up super customized grade scales that they’d like to keep. Any new classrooms will pull in the default grade scale that an admin sets up! One thing to keep in mind: if an admin disables teachers’ ability to edit the grade scale, all grade scales will become un-editable at the teacher level.

What else is new?

We’ve announced a few great enhancements recently. Take a look at our new language support for simplified Chinese and the fantastic new Classrooms tab for administrators if you haven’t seen the news.
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