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10 Creative Classroom Organization Ideas

Suzanne // May 10th 2012 // ,

Classroom organization ideasLearnBoost loves finding new ways for educators to share great classroom resources and ideas. We host monthly Meetups, weekly Tweetups, and create easy-to-use classroom management software that allows teachers to export and share lesson plans. That being said, you may not be surprised that we’re loving Pinterest! We’ve written about Pinterest’s potential in education before, but we couldn’t resist sharing some of the best creative classroom organization ideas we’ve come across so far.

10 Creative Classroom Organization Ideas

1. Glue heavy-duty magnets to soup cans. Label each can and stick it to a hanging steel cookie sheet. Great for markers, crayons, Legos, play dough, erasers, you name it! Creates clutter-free surfaces and easy cleanup. (source: Laissez-faire Blog)

2. Tape numbers on the floor for an easier, quicker, and quieter lineup! (source: Heather Whetham Pinboard)

3. Great solution! Use old frosting containers for border storage. (source: Debbie O’Brien Pinboard)

4. Love this Facebook-themed bulletin board. Check out the photos, friends, and wall “posts.” So creative and very 21st century classroom! (source: E is for Explore Blog)

5. Had to include this clever solution. Attach an empty tissue box to a full one to use as garbage. Helpful during flu season because it prevents students from getting up all the time to get a tissue! (source: MeckMom blog)

6. A simple and inexpensive way to keep student desks organized and clutter free. Purchase 77 cent Home Depot aprons to tie to each chair for book storage! (source: Nerdy Teacher Confessions blog)

7. Repurpose old babywipe containers as storage for cards, games, or anything else! (source: Jazzie and Tahlia blog)

8. Use different colors on each end of a popsicle stick to remember who’s been called on. Flip over the stick when you call a student’s name to ensure everyone gets a turn! (source: Kindertastic blog)

9. A no-brainer. Use old spice containers for glitter storage and use! (source: The Creative Homemaker blog)

10. Use a dish rack for easy folder and pencil storage! (source: Cozy Little House blog)

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